PilotShop.ro - is a registered trademark of S.C. REGIONAL AIR SUPORT S.A., legal person of Romanian nationality, having its registered office in Bucharest, Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti Nr. 14-22, sector 1, having serial number in the Trade Register J40 / 6863/1999, unique fiscal registration code RO12020346.

Seller - S.C. Regional Air Support S.R.L .; PilotShop.ro; Site; Our site; We

Buyer - can be any individual person over the age of 16 or legal person or any legal entity that makes an Account on the Site and places an Order.

Consumer - any natural person or group of natural persons constituted in associations, which, according to the law of distance trade ((O.U.G. no. 34/2014 with subsequent amendments), within the contracts covered by this law, acts for purposes outside its commercial, industrial or production, artisanal or liberal activity; any individual person who has the quality of consumer.

Client - can be any individual person over the age of 16 or legal person who has or obtains access to the Content, through any means of communication provided by PilotShop.ro (electronic, telephone, etc.) or based on an agreement use existing between PilotShop.ro and it and which requires the creation and use of a User Account.

User - any individual person over the age of 16 or a legal person registered on the Site, who, by completing the process of creating the Account, has given his consent to the site-specific clauses in the General Terms and Conditions section.

User Account - the section of the Site consisting of an e-mail address and a password that allows the Buyer to send the Order and which contains information about the Customer / Buyer and the Buyer's history on the Site (Orders, tax invoices, goods guarantees, Return Requests, etc.) .). The user is responsible and will ensure that all information entered when creating the Account is correct, complete and up to date.

Shopping Cart - section of the Account that allows the Buyer / User to add Goods or Services that he wants to purchase at the time of addition or at a later time; if the Goods or Services are not available or are not purchased at the time of addition by placing the Order, the Buyer / User will benefit from the service offered by the Seller to track the Goods and Services by receiving Commercial Communications from him.

Site - the online store hosted at the web address www.pilotshop.ro and its subdomains.

Order - an electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer through which the Buyer transmits to the Seller, through the Site, his intention to purchase Goods and Services from the Site.

Goods and Services - any product or service listed on the Site, including the products and services mentioned in the Order, which are to be provided by the Seller, to the Buyer as a result of the concluded Contract.

Promo Campaign - the action of exhibiting for commercial purposes, a finite number of Goods and / or Services having a special price, limited and predefined stock, for a limited period of time established by the Seller.

Distance contract - any contract concluded between the Seller and the Consumer / Buyer / Customer within an organized distance sales or service provision system (PilotShop.ro Site), without the simultaneous physical presence of the Seller and the Consumer / Buyer / The customer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication, up to and including when the contract is concluded;

Content - represents:

- all information on the Site that can be visited, viewed, downloaded or otherwise accessed by using electronic equipment;
- the content of any e-mail sent to the Buyer by the Seller by electronic means and / or any other available means of communication;
- any information communicated by any means by an employee / collaborator of the Seller, the Buyer, according to the contact information, specified or not by him;
- information related to the Goods and / or Services and / or tariffs practiced by the Seller in a certain period;
- information related to the Goods and / or Services and / or tariffs practiced by a third party with which the Seller has concluded partnership contracts, in a certain period;
- data regarding the Seller, or other privileged data of the Seller.

Review - a written evaluation by the owner or beneficiary of a Good or Service, a written evaluation, referring only to the product purchased from the PilotShop.ro site, based on personal experience and its ability to make qualitative comments and say whether The Good or Service meets or does not meet the specifications or expectations expected.

Rating - graphic way of expressing the degree of satisfaction of a User / Customer / Buyer with a product. The rating is expressed in the form of stars, each Good being able to receive a score from one star to five stars. This degree of satisfaction will always be associated with the review written by the User / Customer / Buyer on a Good or Service purchased exclusively through the PilotShop.ro website.

Answer to Review - written information that is transmitted by the Seller to the User / Customer / Buyer who provided a Review or addressed a Question in the Review Site, on the page of a particular Good.

Document - these Terms and Conditions.

Commercial Communications - any type of message sent (such as: e-mail / SMS / telephone) containing general and thematic information, information on products similar or complementary to those purchased, information on offers or promotions, information regarding the Goods and Services added in the “My Account / Cart” section as well as other commercial communications such as market research and opinion polls.

Transaction - the collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of a Good and / or Service by the Seller, to the Buyer, by using the services of the card processor agreed by the Seller, regardless of the delivery method.

Specifications - all specifications and / or descriptions of the Goods and Services as specified in their description.



2.2. Accessing, visiting, using or buying the products presented on the site www.pilotshop.ro implies acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below in TOTAL. Please read the terms and conditions carefully each time you use this site. Continuing to use the site implies acceptance of the changes made.


3.1 The Seller shall not be liable for damages of any kind that the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the seller's fulfillment / non-fulfillment of any of its obligations under the Order and for damages resulting from the use of the Goods and Services after delivery and especially for their loss.

3.2 By creating and using the Account, the User / Buyer assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of Account data (user and password) and for managing access to the Account, and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, is responsible for the activity carried out through his Account.

3.3 By creating the Account and / or using the Content and / or placing the Orders, the Customer / User / Buyer expressly and unequivocally accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Site in the latest updated version that is communicated within the Site, existing at the date of creation Account and / or use of the content and / or at the date of placing the Order.

3.4 Seller reserves the right to periodically update and modify the Site Terms and Conditions to reflect any changes to the Site's terms and conditions of operation or any changes to legal requirements. The document is opposable to Customers / Users / Buyers from the moment of posting on the Site. In case of any such modification, we will display on the Site the modified version of the Document, reason for which please check periodically the content of this Document.

3.5 The PilotShop.ro website, as well as any software used within it are provided as such in the form in which they are found and as long as they are available, without any guarantees, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-compliance with the terms. PilotShop.ro does not assume responsibility for the modification, suspension or interruption of the site, in whole or in part.

3.7 In order to be informed about all the conditions of use of this site, please go through ALL the following sections. PilotShop.ro reserves the right to make changes and updates to the product offer, without prior notice and without specifying the reasons; also, PilotShop.ro reserves the right to correct any omissions or errors that may occur on the website due to typing errors, lack of accuracy or errors of software products, without prior notice. By default, PilotShop.ro does not assume responsibility for any errors in content, price or stock. These errors do not force PilotShop.ro to any action.


4.1 The content and all other materials available on the Site, including, without limitation, copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights over graphics, photographs, texts, video and audio clips, trademarks and logos available on the Site (collectively , "Content") are the property of PilotShop.ro and / or its affiliates / partners. You may access and use a Site and its Content for your own, non-commercial or entertainment purposes only. No part of this Content may be copied, reproduced, reused, retransmitted, adapted, published, developed, posted, uploaded, distributed, modified, disseminated or generated by any Content in any way, including for public or commercial purposes, without your consent written in advance by PilotShop.ro or the owner of the respective materials. All rights not granted by these Terms and Conditions of Use are expressly reserved by PilotShop.ro.

4.2 All trademarks, trade names and logos, as well as all related product names, design elements and slogans that appear on the Site are trademarks or service marks (registered or unregistered) belonging to PilotShop.ro, its affiliates / partners and / or its licensors, unless otherwise provided herein. PilotShop.ro, its affiliates / partners and its licensors expressly reserve all intellectual property rights over all Content available on the Site. You are not granted any license in connection with any Content included on the Site. PilotShop.ro, its affiliates / partners or its licensors may pursue, at their free choice, to exercise their intellectual property rights to the maximum extent permitted by law, including for criminal prosecution.

4.3 Our team makes constant efforts to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. However, there is no guarantee that this information is always correct, complete and up to date.

4.4 Technical specifications, prices, images of the products sold may be modified without prior notice. We also do not guarantee that access to and use of this site is uninterrupted or error free and we decline responsibility for any situation that may arise due to software errors or technical failures on the server.

4.5 The images of the products sold are for information purposes only and may contain accessories that are not included in the standard package.

4.6 All promotions or price reductions presented through this site are valid within the available stock. We reserve the right to withdraw any product from the promotion or price reduction at any time.


5.1 ACCESS on the PilotShop.ro website in order to make an Order is allowed to any User / Buyer, from any country and of any ethnicity.
PilotShop.ro reserves the right to restrict the access of the User / Buyer in order to make an Order and / or to some of the accepted payment methods, for justified reasons, if considers that based on the conduct or activity of the User / Buyer on the Site, his actions could harm PilotShop.ro in any way. In any of these cases, the User / Buyer may contact the Seller's Customer Relations Department, in order to be informed about the reasons that led to the application of the aforementioned measures.

5.2 ALL PRICES related to the Goods and / or Services presented on the Site are expressed in lei (RON) or euro (EUR), depending on the client's option, and include VAT.

5.3 PRICES and AVAILABILITY of products sold by S.C. REGIONAL AIR SUPORT SRL through the PilotShop.ro website has an informative purpose, and although PilotShop.ro makes permanent efforts to keep them updated and real, we do not assume any responsibility for errors in displaying the availability or price of products on the site PilotShop.ro. Product prices and availability may be influenced by material errors, or external factors such as distributors' pricing policy or the availability of products in their stock.

5.4 The Price and Availability of a product will be considered confirmed only after the conclusion of the distance contract between the Seller and the Customer which takes place at the time of issuing the fiscal invoice and which is considered finalised when the Seller sends the Customer the Notice of Shipment of Products.

5.5 The availability of a Product will be displayed on the Site as follows:

"In stock" - we have more than 1 piece in stock from the selected Product; the products are free for sale both on the site and in the PilotShop.ro store (Showroom) and the priority after which they will be sold is: "first come, first served". We do not assume any obligation to the Customer in the conditions in which the product is displayed as "in stock" on the site and until the completion of the order it is no longer available; also, we do not assume any obligation to the Client in case of stock display errors on the site.
"On request" - The product is not currently available in PilotShop.ro stock or this product is only brought to order. The Customer can access the "Request an offer" button and the PilotShop.ro operators will check the stock and availability of the product at the manufacturer / supplier and will communicate to the Customer a price offer and a delivery term. Depending on the specifics of the product, the Customer may be required to pay in advance for the requested product.
 "Out of stock" - This product is currently not available in PilotShop.ro stock. We reserve the right to replenish the stock of these products depending on the availability to the manufacturer / supplier and we do not assume any liability in connection with any damage resulting from the unavailability of this Product. The customer has the option to select "Notify me when available" with the ability to view, be informed of status changes and manage these products in the My Alerts category in the customer account.

5.6 If the prices or other details regarding the products have been displayed incorrectly ("derisory price", art. 1665 para. 2 of the New Civil Code), including due to the fact that they have been entered incorrectly in the database, we reserve the right to CANCEL orders containing these products and to notify customers as soon as possible about the error.

5.7 In the case of ONLINE PAYMENTS The Seller is not / cannot be held responsible for any other additional costs incurred to the Buyer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of his card, if the currency of issue it differs from RON. The responsibility for this action lies solely with the Buyer.

5.8 COMMUNICATION with the Seller can be done by direct interaction with him, including through online support (email, whatsapp) or through the addresses mentioned in the "contact" section of the Site. The seller has the freedom to manage the information received without having to bring justifications for it.

5.9 THE WORKING HOURS in which the Seller is available for direct communication by telephone and by electronic means is: from Monday to Friday between 09.00 - 17.00
THE AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME to an email is 1 hour. This response time can be extended by up to 24-48 hours if our response is conditioned by obtaining information from manufacturers / suppliers.

5.10 All information used to describe the Goods and / or Services available on the Site (static / dynamic images / documents / technical specifications / multimedia presentations / etc.) does not represent a contractual obligation on the part of the Seller, these being used exclusively as a presentation without guarantees that this information is always correct, complete and up to date.

5.11 Images of products sold may contain accessories that are not included in the standard package.


6.1 The Seller may publish on the Site information about Goods and / or Services and / or promotions practiced by him or by any other third party with which PilotShop.ro has concluded collaboration contracts, in a certain period of time.

6.2 All promotions or price reductions presented through this site are valid within the available stock. We do not assume any obligation in connection with the delivery of a certain quantity of products at a reduced price, provided that the quantity is no longer available in stock and we reserve the right to change at any time the prices or duration of any promotions or price reductions displayed on site.

6.3 If certain promotions are organized by PilotShop.ro partners in their own conditions, we will display those conditions on the site or we will include a link to the partner's site where the Buyer will be able to find out about the applicable conditions of the promotion.


7.1 The Client / Buyer may place Orders on the Site, by adding the desired Goods and / or Services to the shopping cart, following to complete the Order by making the payment in one of the ways expressly indicated. Once added to the shopping cart, a Good and / or a Service is available for purchase to the extent that there is stock available for it. The addition of a Good / Service in the shopping cart, in the absence of completing the Order, does not entail the registration of an order, implicitly also the automatic reservation of the Good / Service.

7.2 By Completing the Order, the Buyer agrees that all data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the time of placing the Order.

7.3 By completing the Order, the Buyer agrees that the Seller may contact him, by any means available / agreed by the Seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the Buyer.

7.4 The confirmation of the Order in electronic format received by the Buyer, after placing the Order, is automatically sent from the PilotShop.ro website by email, having the role of information and does not represent the acceptance of the Order by the Seller.

7.5 De ​​facto Confirmation of the Order and Initiation of the distance contract between the Seller and the Customer takes place only at the time of issuing the Fiscal Invoice and is considered concluded when the Seller sends to the Customer the Notification and / or SMS transport documents: the shipping confirmation and / or packing slip.

7.6 If a Good and / or Service ordered by the Buyer cannot be delivered by the Seller, the latter will inform the Customer / Buyer of this fact and will return to the Buyer's account the value of the Good and / or the Service, within of maximum 7 (seven) days from the date on which the Seller informed the Customer / Buyer about this fact or from the date on which the Buyer expressly expressed his intention to terminate the Contract, if the payment was made by Bank Transfer. If the transaction has been made by CARD Online, after canceling a card transaction, the issuing bank will unlock the blocked amount in the customer's account within 1-30 days, depending on its policy.

7.7 For Orders to be delivered to the PilotShop.ro showroom and which have not been paid in advance by the Customer, the prices and reservations of the Goods and / or Services are valid for 72 (seventy-two) hours from the registration of the Order by the Buyer. After the expiration of this term, unless the Seller accepts in writing from the Buyer another delivery term, the reservation of the products expires and the Seller is not responsible for the modification of the stock or the price of the products that are the object of delivery.

7.8 For Orders to be delivered to the Pilotshop showroom and which have been paid in advance by the Customer, the Seller shall oblige to reserve the Goods and / or Services for 7 (seven) days. Unless the Seller agrees in writing with the Buyer the subsequent date of collection of the Goods and / or Services, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order and Return the Money to the Customer.

7.9 The Seller may cancel the Order placed by the Buyer, following a prior notification addressed to the Buyer, without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other party in the following cases:

a). non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Buyer's card, of the transaction, in case of online payment;
b). invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by the Seller, in case of online payment;
c). the data provided by the Client / Buyer on the Site are incomplete and / or incorrect;

7.10 The Seller reserves the right to change the quantity of products in the order, depending on their availability in stock, after placing the order, following a prior notification, and the Buyer will receive back the money collected by Pilotshop.ro, within 7 days.

7.11 The Seller reserves the right to request the Buyer, after 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase of a Good or Service, to write a Review related to the purchased Good or Service. The request will be sent to the email address registered by the Buyer in the Account.

7.12 This Document, together with the Invoice and, where applicable, the Certificate of Guarantee and Conformity of the Goods and / or Services, together with the Transport and Packing Slip document are an integral part of the distance contract between the Seller and the Customer.  


8.1 CASH
- at the showroom - the products are paid at the time of picking up from the showroom, without applying any payment processing fee.
- upon delivery - cash on delivery, the products are paid to the delivering courier.

8.2 PAYMENT BY CARD AT SHOWROOM BY POS (personal or company card).
- Products are paid using a card issued under the Visa logo (Classic and Electron) or MasterCard through the POS terminal in the PilotShop.ro showroom
- Some cards do not require the entry of the PIN (they do not have this option activated), the verification of the correspondence between the signature on the receipt and the card being done by the PilotShop.ro staff.
- No additional commission is charged for transactions.

- Payments can be made online with the card (personal or company).
- Accepted cards are those issued under the logos VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro), if they have CVV2 / CVC2 code.
- To complete any transaction you must provide:
a). card code (all digits on the front of the card, without spaces);
b). Expiration date;
c). the last three digits on the back of the card written on the tape with your signature (CVV2 / CVC2 code).
- The transactions are made in lei and euro, at the exchange rate of the Buyer's bank, regardless of the currency that the Buyer has in the account or the currency selected for displaying the prices on the site.
- The transactions will appear on the account statement with the name pilotshop
- Card data processing is done through plationline.ro servers
- PilotShop.ro does not request and / or store any details regarding the Buyer's card.
- The security of the Client's information is guaranteed by the fact that PlatiOnline does not store the confidential data of the Client's card, but sends them encrypted on a secure connection to the processor bank. In this way, the Client's information is secure.

8.4 PAYMENT BY CARD AT THE DELIVERING COURIER (card on delivery) - the products are paid to the delivering courier.

- The seller generates a proforma or fiscal invoice and sends it by e-mail or SMS to the customer. The bank account is specified in the proforma or fiscal invoice depending on the client's request.
- The Customer sends a proof of payment or a payment notification to the Seller after making the bank transfer. The seller checks the receipt of the bank transfer.
- The products will be sent to the client or can be picked up from the showroom ONLY after the proof of the entry of the money into the bank account of the Seller, from the bank, is received.

Payments into the treasury account by all state or budgetary institutions.
CONT IBAN: RO97TREZ7005069XXX003948
Bucharest Treasury



After the Customer has registered the order, and it has been processed / sent by the Seller, the Customer can track its status in the customer's account, in the "My Orders" section.
After the delivery of the Order to the courier company by the Seller, the Customer can be informed by SMS by the courier company on the planned delivery and on the value to be paid, if applicable.
Also, the order can be tracked based on the tracking number that will be available both in the customer's User Account and in the information SMS sent by the courier company.


The possibility of canceling an order or delivery is available in the customer account, "My Orders" section, provided that the ordered products are not already delivered to the courier company.


a). For the products that are in stock, the Seller undertakes to process and hand over to the courier company any order completed and confirmed on the site within 24-48 working hours. Usually, the courier companies we work with deliver the packages within 24-48 hours from the date of taking the order from the Seller. PilotShop.ro is not responsible for any delay or impossibility of delivery due to the Manufacturers / Suppliers, the courier company or the Buyer that may occur later, but not limited to: working days, public holidays, special situations related to the weather , pandemic, quarantine, cases of force majeure and other situations beyond reasonable control.

b). For products that are not in stock, the delivery time will be communicated to the customer after registration of the order. Depending on the term communicated by the Seller, the Customer will confirm if he wants to keep or cancel the order.
The seller is not responsible for any delay in delivery of products that may occur in the following situations, but not limited to: availability in stock of products at the Supplier or Distributor, delays in transport due to transport / courier films, material errors, errors for processing orders at the Seller or Manufacturer / Distributor, customs procedures, weather conditions, cases of force majeure, etc


a). DELIVERY BY COURIER: The products sold by PilotShop.ro are delivered using express courier services provided by GLS. All products are new and delivered in the original packaging of the manufacturer. The seller will take all measures to ensure that the packaging of the products is appropriate in such a way as to ensure the integrity and functionality of the Goods. The seller has the obligation to send together with the products the invoice, packing slip, the certificate of conformity and the guarantee / quality certificate, together with all the operating instructions, technical manuals, installation CDs and other documents that accompany the product.

The products are delivered to the front of the house / block building. The customer has the obligation to ensure that, at the date of delivery, there are persons designated to receive the products.
The delivery fee starts from the minimum amount of 17 Lei with VAT included, the total value of the transport will be displayed in the shopping cart before placing the order and this may differ depending on:
- weight, volume and type of products ordered
- delivery area: depending on the destination, a zone surcharge will be applied to the courier costs, which will be included in the total cost of transport
- for the option to open the package upon delivery, a fee will be applied which will be displayed separately in the shopping cart
- for the product testing option a fee will be applied which will be displayed separately in the shopping cart
- for the cash on delivery payment option, a fee will be added which will be displayed separately in the shopping cart

The personal pick-up service in the PilotShop showroom is available at the end of the order, in the Delivery method section.
Delivery in the showroom is free for all orders placed directly in the showroom (direct purchase), as well as for orders placed online and which are paid at the time of placing the order or which will be paid in cash or by card in the showroom.

If the products are not in stock in the showroom, the Seller will notify the Customer by e-mail or SMS when they arrive in the showroom, to be picked up. From the moment they arrive, the products are kept in the showroom for 3 days (including the day the pick-up notification was sent).

If the Customer has chosen to pick up from the showroom and has not paid for the products, the Seller undertakes to reserve the products ordered by the Customer for 3 days to be available for pickup, after which, if the customer has not picked up the products, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and put the products back on sale.

If the Customer has chosen to pick up from the showroom and paid for the products, the Seller undertakes to reserve the products purchased by the Customer for 7 days to be available for delivery, after which, if the customer has not picked up the products, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and return the customer's money.

For orders paid online (with online card, bank transfer), the Customer must present the identity card vor verification in order to hand over the products. For legal entities, a power of attorney from the company is also required.

When picking up from the showroom, the products from the categories Headphones, Watches, GPS, radio stations and other electronic products WILL BE TESTED to ascertain their FUNCTIONALITY. If the Buyer refuses the testing, it will be considered that the product is delivered functional, without any scratches and with the screen intact. Also, the Buyer will be asked to sign a document certifying the refusal to verify the product.

Any return request for the products purchased from the above-mentioned categories, which were picked up from the Pilotshop showroom and for which the Buyer refused testing, will be received ONLY under the conditions provided in the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE.

When picking up clothing, shoes, sunglasses from the showroom, the Customer is responsible for testing the products and the Seller will provide the customer with adequate facilities (eg test booth) for testing these products.



The Seller may assign and / or subcontract a third party for Services related to the fulfillment of the Order, or of some promotions, with the information of the Buyer, without the consent of the Buyer. The Seller will always be liable to the Buyer for all contractual obligations.


The ownership of the Goods will be transferred upon delivery, after payment by the Buyer, in the location indicated in the Order (meaning delivery - signing the receipt of the transport document provided by the courier or signing the receipt on the fiscal invoice in case of deliveries made by the Seller's staff in the Showroom).


12.1 According to O.U.G. Nr. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for amending and supplementing some normative acts, "Before the expiration of the withdrawal period, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from this contract, without having to justify the decision withdrawal and without incurring other costs than those provided in art.13 paragraph (3) and art.14, within 14 calendar days starting with the day on which it enters into physical possession of the product. Return expenses are borne by the consumer."

12.2 According to Law 449/2003, art. 2 Letter a): The consumer is defined as any individual person or group of individual persons constituted in associations, who, within the contracts that fall under the incidence of this law, act for purposes outside their commercial activity, industrial or production, artisanal or liberal; The professional is defined as "any individual or legal person, public or private, who acts in his commercial, industrial or production, artisanal or liberal activity in connection with the contracts covered by this law, as well as any person who acts for the same purpose, in its name or on its behalf".

12.3 Thus, in accordance with the provisions of O.U.G. no. 34/2014 on consumer protection in the conclusion and execution of distance contracts, which is defined as "any contract concluded between professional and consumer within a system of sales or provision of organized distance services, without the simultaneous physical presence of the professional and of the consumer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication, until and even when the contract is concluded ", THE CONSUMER HAS THE RIGHT TO WAIVE THE PURCHASE, WITHOUT PENALTIES AND WITHOUT INVOCATION OF A REASON, AND WITHOUT SUPPORTING OTHER COSTS THAN THOSE OF DELIVERY, WITHIN 14 WORKING DAYS from the receipt of the product / products ordered EXCLUSIVELY through the website www.pilotshop.ro and delivered at a distance by courier services.


12.5 The renunciation of the purchase is applicable only to the clients of individuals or group of individuals constituted in associations, as they are defined in art. 2 point 2 of the Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished, with subsequent amendments and completions.

12.6 THE RETURN PERIOD expires, According to O.U.G. no. 34/2014, within 14 days from the day when the Buyer came into possession of the good / product. After the expiration of this period, the Return of a product can be made only under the terms and clauses of the WARRANTY POLICY.


a) Through the Return Procedure on the site:

- The customer fills in the Return Form from the user account (MY ACCOUNT -> ORDER HISTORY -> RETURN REQUEST).
- The Seller receives the Return Request and, if the request is eligible, will confirm the Return Request
- In the Return of goods section, the Customer has the possibility to check the status of the return request.
- After receiving the Confirmation of the Return Request, the Customer packs the product(s) properly and sends, at his own cost, without cash on delivery and without the swap option, the product / products approved for return.
- The product is sent to the address indicated in the Return Form. If it has the possibility to print, it is recommended to the Customer to send a copy of the fiscal invoice for the purchase of the product and of the Return Form.
- After receiving the package by the Seller, the products will be inspected and, if they meet the return conditions, the seller will return the money paid to the Customer, within 14 days from the date the Customer informed the Seller about the decision to withdraw from the contract , but not before the date of receipt of the goods.

b) By formulating any other unequivocal statement in which you express your decision to withdraw from the contract, sent on a durable medium, for example by e-mail, to the address office@pilotshop.ro. After checking the eligibility of your application by the PilotShop.ro staff and confirming the return request, you can return the product either by following the steps above, or you can return the product in person in the PilotShop.ro showroom.


a). In the case of legal entities, which are defined as any economic operator registered with local fiscal authorities on the basis of a CUI / CIF / VAT number except for non-profit organizations or associates made up of individuals who do not aim for profit, they are not consumers and the Seller reserves the right to accept the return of the products and the establishment of their equivalent value as a credit for future orders, to return the payment, or to refuse the request for return.

b). Acceptance of the Withdrawal from the contract or the waiver of the purchase applicable to legal entities, is the exclusive option of the Seller and may be the subject of contractual relations or commercial agreements separate from this document that the Seller may have with the Legal Entities. Thus, the Seller cannot be obliged under the terms and conditions of this document or under the provisions of O.U.G. no. 34/2014 on consumer protection when concluding and executing distance contracts to accept the Withdrawal from the contract or the renunciation of the purchase of legal entities.

c). If the Seller accepts the Withdrawal from the contract or the waiver of the purchase applicable to legal entities, the applicable Return Conditions will be the same as in the case of the Withdrawal from the contract or the waiver of the purchase applicable to individual persons.
d). Withdrawal from the contract or renunciation of the purchase is NOT accepted for legal entities for products / services that:
- were produced or brought on special order for the Buyer
- have been configured or customized especially for the Buyer


13.1 The return of the products can be done through any courier company preferred by the client, at the Client's own expense (without the cash on delivery and swap options), respecting the steps mentioned above.
13.2 The return costs and costs of associated services already performed at the time of delivery and payment of the order, respectively delivery costs, cash-on delivery fees, bank and online payment fees will be borne by the customer, and the Seller is obliged to reimburse strictly the value of the product in 14 days from the date on which the Seller is informed about the Client's decision to withdraw from the contract, but not before the date of receipt of the goods. The amount will be returned as follows:
- for Orders paid by card -> for orders paid with the card the amount will be returned on the same card used for purchase, the issuing bank will unblock the blocked amount in the customer's account within 1-30 days, depending on its policy
- for Orders paid with Bank Transfer -> by bank transfer to the same account
13.3 Parcels cannot be sent by Romanian Post.
13.4 It is recommended to return the products with the option to open the package upon delivery.
13.5 The distance contracts concluded according to art. 16 of O.U.G 34 are exempted from the right of withdrawal.
13.6 It is recommended that the returned products be accompanied by a copy of the tax invoice and the completed Return Form.
13.7 Returned products must be accompanied by the original warranty certificate, if issued by the manufacturer / distributor, except for warranty certificates issued in electronic format.
13.8 For aviation certified products, the Certificate of Conformity and/or Certificate of Compliance or Airworthiness such as EASA Form-1 Athorised Released Certificate or FAA-8130- Airworthiness Approval Tag need to be returned with product(s).
13.9 Depending on the Buyer's option, the credit resulted from the returned products can be used to pay for another product or can be returned within 14 days from the date on which the Seller is informed about the Customer's decision to withdraw from the contract, but not before the date of receipt of the goods.
13.10 Considering the provisions of the updated law 249/2015, in order to fulfill the objectives from art. 14, the products are returned only in the original packaging, undamaged, and with identification labels.
13.11 The returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered; to be in new condition, without wear, scratches, chipping, blows, or defects caused by an external shock.
13.12 The product must be returned together with all received accessories, installation CDs, manuals, etc.
13.13 If the Client / Buyer requests the withdrawal from the Contract within the legal term of withdrawal from the contract, he must return any gifts or promotional items or bonuses that accompanied the respective product, otherwise being obliged to pay the Seller their value.
13.14 If the Good is returned in a condition in which it can no longer be sold as new (open packaging, accessories missing, the Good is damaged), we reserve the right to refuse the return or request a fee to return the Good to its original state, as the case may be, or to cover the price difference resulting from the sale of the product as resealed or, at the Buyer's request, we will resend the Good, the delivery costs being borne by the Buyer.
13.15 PilotShop.ro cannot be obliged by the Customer to accept products defined as NON-RETURNABLE.  


14.1 Books, maps, flight documentation
14.2 Configured electronic products, in the sense of creating a personalized user profile or registering the product on the manufacturer's website for warranty or registering it with the authorities (eg Civil Aviation Authority, ANCOM, etc.)
14.3 Protective masks; oxygen masks
14.4 For reasons of hygiene, the return of Earbuds headphones that have been unsealed if they do not have the possibility to replace the elements that enter the ear (ear buds, ear tips) - in this case, the Seller can reimburse the Customer the product value minus the value of the replaced elements needed to bring the product to its original state.
14.5 Consumables (filters, batteries, office accessories and stationery)
14.6 Toys / children's products can only be returned sealed
14.7 On-demand or special-order products, regardless of category, which the Seller does not normally sell and are brought into stock following a firm order from the Buyer or making an advance payment, or customized / tailor-made products / configured according to the specifications presented by the consumer cannot be returned.
14.8 Audio, video, or computer recordings, on CD, DVD type media, if unsealed;
14.9 Products whose software licenses have been used or those that have configured personalized user accounts that prevent the device from being brought to its original state from a software point of view.
14.10 Digital content that is not delivered on a physical medium. E-book type products.
14.11 Products in the "Clothing" category can only be returned if they have not been worn and have a label and / or other identification attached.
14.12 Products of the same kind, in multiple quantities, in case of return of the entire quantity, it will be accepted that only one of the products can be unsealed, the rest of the products can be accepted only if they are sealed.
14.13 Products liable to deteriorate or to expire rapidly
14.14 Unsealed consumables related to any category of products in the offer
14.15 Products which are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other elements

15. DECREASE IN THE VALUE OF RETURNED GOODS (According to O.U.G. No. 34/2014 Art. 14, Paragraph 3)

15.1 Because, in the case of distance sales, the consumer does not have the possibility to see / test / try the goods before concluding the contract, he has the right to withdraw from the contract. For the same reason, the consumer is allowed to test and verify the goods he has bought to the extent necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. Thus, the Consumer is responsible only in terms of diminishing the value of the products resulting from their handling, different from what is necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and functioning, according to art. 14, para. 3 of O.U.G 34/2014.

15.2 In order to determine the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of the goods, the consumer must handle and inspect them in the same way as he would be allowed to do in a real physical store. For example: the consumer only has to try on an item of clothing, not to wear it. Electronic products are tested only by turning it on and turning it off, NOT by using them for the purpose for which they were produced. Therefore, during the legal withdrawal period, the Consumer must handle and inspect the goods with the necessary care.

15.3 The manipulations accepted for determining the nature, quality and functioning of the goods are:
- unpacking without destroying or damaging the original packaging, following the instructions for unpacking (where the manufacturer indicates the handling) without damaging the packaging, product or accessories;
- visual, tactile and olfactory inspection (when the provisions below are not violated) of the products;
- in the case of products that do not require the installation of consumable accessories or connection to other utilities than electricity, it is allowed to only connect them to electricity and start / stop them;
- in the case of products that require the installation of consumable accessories (eg filters, batteries) or connection to utilities other than electricity (eg water, oxygen, compressed air, etc.) it is allowed to only connect them to electricity and start / stopping them and it is not allowed to mount consumable accessories.

15.4 If a consumer exercises his right of withdrawal after using the goods to an extent that exceeds the limit necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of the goods, he is liable for any decrease in the value of the goods.

15.5 Unaccepted actions that lead to a decrease in the value of the returned product or loss of the right of withdrawal:
- use of electronic devices in any other way than testing by turning the device on / off;
- configuration, in the sense of creating a personalized profile of the user or registration of the product on the manufacturer's website for warranty or its registration with the authorities (eg Civil Aeronautical Authority, ANCOM etc)
- breaking seals and labels;
- breaking or damaging the original packaging (the original packaging is an integral part of the product);
- scratching, soiling, staining, impregnation of products with external substances;
- unsealing consumable accessories (eg ink cartridges, toner, etc.)
- unsealing or installing software licenses;
- unsealing cosmetics, personal care, maintenance, cleaning, products for children and newborns or underwear.

15.6 The accessories (user manuals, CDs, cables, etc.) in the product box as well as its original packaging are an integral part of the product. As a result, when you return a product you have the obligation to return it with the original packaging undamaged, protected by wrapping with foil for stretch plastic packaging or packed in a cardboard box (without labels glued on it, without cuts, tears, etc.) and together with all its accessories.

15.7 If the returned good presents damaged original packaging (wrinkled and / or torn and / or cut and / or perforated and / or wet and / or with traces of labels, adhesive tape, pen, marker, etc.) or incomplete ( for example: safety supports, protective elements made of cardboard or polystyrene, etc.), or shows signs of wear, scratches, bends, blows, cracks, electric shocks, missing accessories, missing warranty certificates, The consumer is responsible for diminishing the value of the goods and the Seller reserves the right to refuse the return or to accept the return only after bringing the good to conformity, involving the costs of sanitation, cosmetology, repair, replacement of any damaged parts and bringing to a commercial form for sale as resealed product. / Refurbished. The final value is established depending on the value of the parts to be replaced and the reconditioning work or as the difference between the initial value of the new product and the resale value of the used product.

15.8 The decrease of the value of a returned product is applied between 10% -90% of the initial value of the product. The reduction fee will be communicated to the customer upon receipt of the modified products.


16.1 The return will be made to the following address:

Regional Air Support S.R.L.
In the attention of PilotShop.ro - Return department
Address: Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti Nr. 24-28, Sector 1, Bucharest - Postal Code 013694
Phone: 0770951700,
E-mail: office@pilotshop.ro
Working hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

16.2 The return can be made in person, directly at our headquarters (address above) or by courier (company of the Consumer's choice) according to the above conditions.

16.3 The sender is responsible for the correctness of the data entered on the transport document (AWB), as well as for the correct packaging and labeling of the packages.

16.4 The packages sent by the sender must be packed in a way that protects the product from factors that can lead to its deterioration during transport (it is recommended to use safety elements, eg: polyester, cardboard, bubble wrap, etc. .). It is also recommended to pack the package so that it corresponds to the weight, shape and nature of the content, as well as the mode and duration of transport. The packaging must protect the contents so that it cannot be damaged by pressure or successive manipulations, being able, as the case may be, from cardboard boxes, plywood, wood, plastic filled with polystyrene.

16.5 The term of analysis of a request for withdrawal from the contract may vary between 3-5 days from the receipt of the product but will not exceed the legal term for reimbursement of the equivalent value in accordance with the legislation in force.


17.1 The writing of reviews can be done, by users / customers / buyers, in the “Review” sections of the page of each Product, provided that the User / Customer / Buyer has purchased the respective product from the PilotShop.ro website. For this purpose, and in order to prevent defamatory or offensive references to PilotShop.ro or the use of offensive and aggressive words and terms, the reviews will be moderated by the PilotShop.ro team. We reserve the right to accept or refuse the publication of any review written by Customers.

17.2 The information entered can be both positive and negative, and will refer to the characteristics and use of a product or service.

17.3 Each user / customer / buyer, at the time of writing a review in the mentioned section, undertakes to comply with the following rules:

a). to refer only to the characteristics and / or the way of using a certain product or service, avoiding information related to aspects that can change (price or promotional offers) or information related to the order;
b). use appropriate, non-offensive language, without terms that may offend or affect the Seller or any other user / customer / buyer;
c). to ensure that the information entered by them is realistic, correct, not misleading and in accordance with applicable law, thus respecting the rights of other parties, copyright, trademark, license or other property rights, publicity or privacy;
d). not to provide or request, in any way and to any extent, personal data (contact details, information about delivery or home address, telephone numbers, email addresses, name and / or surname, etc.) or any other information that may cause the disclosure of this personal data;
e). not to use the review section as the main means of communication with the seller, in this scope the contact details of the seller registered on the site will be used.

17.4 In addition to a realistic critical evaluation, when submitting a review, the user / customer / buyer will also add a relevant star rating (from 1 to 5) for the related product or service. Reviews, along with their corresponding ratings, will influence the overall rating of the product or service, the number that appears next to their title.

17.5 When a review is reported by a user / customer / buyer as having inappropriate content, from a strictly subjective perspective, this content will be carefully examined by the Seller to determine whether it violates the Site Terms and Conditions. The texts will be removed from the site only after their examination by the Seller.

17.6 If the Seller finds a violation of the Terms and Conditions repeatedly, it reserves the right to suspend the ability of the user / customer / buyer to submit Reviews.


18.1. Neither party will be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations if such failure to perform on time and / or properly, in whole or in part, is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is the unpredictable event, beyond the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.

18.2. If within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of its occurrence, the respective event does not cease, each party will have the right to notify the other party of the full termination of the contract without any of them being able to claim damages from the other.


This contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes between the Seller and Users / Buyers will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be resolved by the competent Romanian courts in Bucharest.


20.1 Products or any other materials available on our Site may be subject to US export control. No products from our Site may be used or exported:
(i) in the territory of the countries (or to a citizen or resident of) Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria or any other country in respect of which there is a US embargo on the goods or any other country in which it is a required license, or restriction or prohibition is imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Industry and Security Agency, the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control or other similar regulation or agency; or
(ii) to any person on the list of citizens specially designated by the US Treasury Department or in the prohibition table of the US Department of Commerce, or in similar systems.

20.2 By purchasing or using any product on our Site, you declare and warrant that you are not in the territory or under control or that you are not a citizen or resident of such a country or that you are not on such a list.


Regional Air Support S.R.L. considers it essential to ensure the protection of the personal data of its customers and therefore makes every effort to process the data in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"), as well as and with any other legislation applicable on the territory of Romania. Given that one of the fundamental principles of this legal framework is transparency, this document aims to inform you about the processing of your personal data, especially how it collects, uses, transfers and protects data with Your personal information when you interact with our website in connection with our products and services.

Regional Air Support S.R.L. reserves the right to periodically update and modify this Privacy Policy, to reflect any changes in the way we process personal data of Customers or any changes in legal requirements. In the event of any such change, we will always display on our website the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy. Please periodically check the contents of this Privacy Policy. 

Who we are and how you can contact us

PilotShop.ro is the trade name of S.C. Regional Air Suport S.r.l., Romanian legal entity with private capital, headquartered in Bucharest, Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti Nr. 24-28, Sector 1, with registration number in the Trade Register J40 / 6863/1999, unique fiscal registration code RO12020346 (hereinafter "PilotShop.ro" or "We"). SC REGIONAL AIR SUPPORT S.R.L. is registered and endorsed by ANSPDCP (National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing) as an operator with no. registration 12161.

For any additional information regarding the processing of your data, please do not hesitate to contact us at: office@pilotshop.ro; Tel. +40770951700; specifying: to the attention of the PilotShop Data Protection Officer.

Personal Data Taken

In general, we collect your personal data directly from you, based on your consent, so that you always have control over the type of information you provide to us.

If you are a customer of the Site, we will process your personal data, such as name and surname, telephone, e-mail address, billing address, delivery address, data on how you use the Site, for example your behavior / preferences / habits within the Site, as well as any other categories of data that you provide directly in the context of creating the user account, in order to place an order through the Site or in any other way resulting from the use of the Site.

Within your personal page (My Account) from the PilotShop.ro Site you can add additional information, such as: additional addresses, billing data, telephone numbers and additional email addresses.

You can at any time view and download in PDF or CSV format your personal data stored by our site by consulting the GDPR-Personal Data Section of your User account.

We may also collect and further process certain information regarding your behavior while visiting our website in order to personalize your online experience and provide you with offers tailored to your profile.

If you are only a visitor to the Site, we will process your personal data that you provide directly in the context of using the Site, e.g. pages viewed or such as the data you provide in the contact section, to the extent that you contact us in this way.

On our website we may store and collect information in the form of cookies and similar technologies, according to the Cookies Policy.

We do not collect or otherwise process sensitive data, included by the General Regulation on data protection in special categories of personal data. We also do not want to collect or process data on minors under the age of 16.

We do not collect / store bank card data that you use to pay for products. Card data processing is done exclusively through plationline.ro servers. The security of your information is guaranteed by the fact that PlatiOnline does not store the confidential data of the Client's card, but sends it encrypted on a secure connection to the processor bank. This way your information is safe.

How long we keep personal data

In principle, PilotShop will process your personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the processing purposes mentioned above.

If you are a customer, we will process your data for the entire duration of the contractual relations and subsequently according to the legal obligations incumbent on PilotShop.ro (eg, in the case of financial-accounting supporting documents for which the retention period provided by law is 10 years from the end of the financial year during which they were drawn up).

In general, we will store your personal data as long as you have an account in the PilotShop.ro platform. You may request us to delete certain information or close your account at any time and we will respond to such requests, subject to the retention of certain information, including after closing the account, in situations where applicable law or our legitimate interests so require.

If you are a customer and you exercise the option to delete the user account, by sending this request unequivocally to the email address: office@pilotshop.ro - entitled "Account Deletion Request", PilotShop.ro will interpret this action as your option to unsubscribe from receiving any commercial communications through which we keep you informed of the products and services offered through the site. In this regard, if you choose to delete your user account, your user account will be deleted and we will no longer send you such emails and / or text messages. However, we would like to inform you that deleting your account will not automatically have the effect of deleting all your personal data. If you do not wish to have your personal data processed or if you wish to have your data deleted, you can exercise the rights detailed in point VII below "Your rights". if you request the deletion of the account, but there is at least one active order on that account, the account deletion request can be registered only after the delivery of the products and the completion of the last active order.

If you withdraw your consent for the processing of data for marketing purposes, PilotShop will stop processing your personal data for this purpose, without affecting the processing carried out by PilotShop.ro based on the consent expressed by you before its withdrawal.

Transfer of your personal data

In order to fulfill the processing purposes, PilotShop.ro may disclose your data to partners, to third parties or entities that support PilotShop.ro in carrying out the activity through the Site (for example courier companies, IT service providers), or to the public central / local authorities, in the following exemplary cases listed:

- PilotShop partners - e.g. equipment manufacturers or suppliers in ensuring the after-sales warranty process or honoring certain promotions or bonuses organized by them
- courier service providers - for the sole purpose of sending your orders.
- IT service providers - for the purpose of hosting, administering the Site as well as for maintaining, personalizing and improving the Site and the services performed through it or for performing data analysis, testing and research, monitoring trends of use and activity, development of security features and user authentication;
- for the transmission of commercial marketing communications, under the conditions and limits provided by law;
- payment / banking service providers;

If we have a legal obligation or if it is necessary to defend a legitimate interest, we reserve the right to disclose certain personal data to public authorities.

We will always make sure that access to your data by third parties under private law is made in accordance with the legal provisions on data protection and confidentiality of information, based on contracts concluded with them.

International transfers of your personal data

We currently store and process your personal data in Romania.

However, we may transfer certain of your personal data to entities located in the European Union or outside the Union, including in countries for which the European Commission has not recognized an adequate level of protection of personal data. For example. when we send a product as part of the warranty repair process, it is possible to disclose certain personal data to the supplier's manufacturer. This data transfer will be made exclusively for the stated purpose of ensuring the warranty process for that product.

We will always ensure that any international transfer of personal data is carefully managed in order to protect your rights and interests. Transfers to service providers and other third parties will always be protected by contractual commitments and, where appropriate, by other guarantees, such as standard contractual clauses issued by the European Commission or certification schemes, such as the Privacy Shield for the protection of personal data transferred from within the EU to the United States.

You can contact us at any time during business hours, using the contact details set out above, to find out more information about the countries in which we transfer your data, as well as the guarantees we have implemented regarding these transfers.

Security of your personal data

We are committed to ensuring the security of personal data by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures, according to industry standards.

The transmission of your personal data is done using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and storage on secure servers, while ensuring data redundancy.

To make payments we use the services of the payment processor Plationline.ro. Any payment information is encrypted.

Despite the measures taken to protect your personal data, we warn you that the transmission of information via the Internet, in general, or through other public networks, is not completely secure, there is a risk that the data will be seen and used by third parties. unauthorized parties. We cannot be held responsible for such vulnerabilities in systems that are beyond our control.

Links to other Sites

Within our Site there may be links to other websites that are not owned, operated or administered by us. You must keep this in mind when leaving a Site and read the terms and conditions and data protection policies available on each website visited. You must also independently evaluate the authenticity of any website that appears or claims to be one of our Sites (including those to which there is a link via email). Despite any links that may exist on the Site, we do not control, recommend or support and are not affiliated with these websites or their content, products, services or data protection policies. Viewing any third party site is at your own risk. Downloading material from certain websites is subject to the risk of infringement of intellectual property rights or the introduction of viruses into your IT system.

What rights do you have?

The General Data Protection Regulation will recognize a number of rights in relation to your personal data. You can permanently view what personal data the site stores by consulting the GDPR - Personal Data section of the User Account. Thus, you can request at any time the correction of any errors in our files and / or you can object to the processing of your personal data. You can also exercise your right to complain to the competent supervisory authority or to go to court. Depending on the case, you may also have the right to request the deletion of your personal data, the right to restrict the processing of your data and the right to data portability.

In order to exercise your rights regarding personal data, you can contact us using the contact details set out above. Please note the following if you wish to exercise these rights:

Confirmation of Identity. We take seriously the confidentiality of all records that contain personal data. For this reason, please send us your requests regarding such registrations using the e-mail address associated with the PilotShop account. Otherwise, we reserve the right to verify your identity by requesting additional information aimed at confirming your identity.

Collection of Fees. We will not charge any fees to condition the exercise of any right regarding your personal data.

Response time. The deadline for responding to any valid requests is a maximum of 30 working days. In order to optimize this response time, please let us know exactly what you want to receive following your request or what you are concerned about. This will help us to act faster and shorten the response time to your request.

Third party rights. We will not comply with any request if it would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of other data subjects.

Under the conditions provided by the legislation on the processing of personal data, as data subjects, you benefit from the following rights:

- the right to information, respectively the right to receive details regarding the processing activities performed by PilotShop.ro, according to those described in this document;
- the right to access data, respectively the right to obtain confirmation from PilotShop.ro regarding the processing of personal data, as well as details regarding the processing activities such as the way in which the data are processed, the purpose for which the processing is done, the recipients or categories of data recipients, etc.;
- the right to rectification, respectively the right to obtain the correction, without unjustified delays, by PilotShop of inaccurate / unjustified personal data, as well as the completion of incomplete data; The rectification / completion will be communicated to each recipient to whom the data were transmitted, unless this proves impossible or involves disproportionate efforts.
- the right to delete data, without undue delay, ("right to be forgotten"), if one of the following reasons applies:
        - they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed; are not necessary for compliance with a legal obligation of PilotShop.ro; or are not necessary for the finding, exercise or defense of a right in court.
        - if the consent is withdrawn and there is no other legal basis for processing (eg to ascertain, exercise or ensure the defense of a right in court; or to protect the rights of PilotShop.ro or another natural or legal person).
        - if the data subject opposes the processing and there are no legitimate reasons to prevail;
        - if the personal data have been processed illegally;
        - in case the personal data must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation;
       - personal data have been collected in connection with the provision of information society services in accordance with Union or national law under the incidence of the operator.  
It is possible that, following the request to delete the data, PilotShop.ro to anonymize these data (thus depriving them of personal character) and to continue in these conditions the processing for statistical purposes;
- the right to restrict processing to the extent that:
        - the person disputes the accuracy of the data, for a period that allows us to verify the correctness of the data;
        - the processing is illegal, and the data subject opposes the deletion of personal data, requesting instead the restriction of their use;
       - the operator no longer needs personal data for the purpose of processing, but the data subject requests them for the finding, exercise or defense of a right in court; or
       - the data subject objected to the processing (other than direct marketing), for the period of time in which it is verified whether the legitimate  - rights of the operator prevail over those of the data subject.
- the right to data portability, respectively (i) the right to receive personal data in a structured way, commonly used and in an easy to read format (this function is available in the User Account - GDPR section - Data personal data), as well as (ii) the right for this data to be transmitted by PilotShop.ro to another data operator, insofar as the conditions provided by law are met, only in situations where the processing is based on your consent or on concluding or executing a contract with you and processing is done by automatic means.
- the right to object - regarding the processing activities, it can be exercised by sending a request according to those indicated below;
        - at any time, for reasons related to the particular situation of the data subject, that the data concerning him be processed under the legitimate interest of PilotShop.ro or under the public interest, unless PilotShop.ro can prove that has legitimate and compelling reasons that justify the processing and that prevail over the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subjects or that the purpose is to establish, exercise or defend a right in court;
         - at any time, free of charge and without any justification, for the data concerning it to be processed for the purpose of direct marketing.
- the right not to be subject to an automatic individual decision, respectively the right not to be the subject of a decision taken solely on the basis of automatic processing activities, including the creation of profiles, which produce legal effects concerning the data subject or similarly affect him to a significant extent, except in cases where the decision reached following the automatic decision-making:
    - we are required to enter into or enter into a contract with you;
    - is authorized by law and there are adequate guarantees for your rights and freedoms; or
    - is based on your explicit consent.
- the right to address the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing or the competent courts, insofar as you deem it necessary.

In Romania, the contact details of the supervisory authority for data protection are the following:

National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing
B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru no. 28-30, Sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.318.059.211 or +40.318.059.212;
E-mail: anspdcp@dataprotection.ro

Without prejudice to your right to contact the supervisory authority at any time, please contact us in advance, and we promise that we will make every effort to resolve any issues amicably.

For any additional questions regarding the way in which personal data are processed and in order to exercise your rights mentioned above, please contact the email address: office@pilotshop.ro - with the title GPDR-Personal Data.



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The terms and conditions of warranty practiced by PilotShop.ro are in accordance with the legal provisions: Government ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection, law no. 449/2003 regarding the sale of products and the guarantees associated with them. The warranty period is mentioned in the certificate issued by the manufacturer / importer / distributor and starts to run from the date written in the purchase invoice; also this period is confirmed by the warranty certificate related to the fiscal invoice issued by PilotShop.ro.

All products sold by the PilotShop.ro store come directly from manufacturers or from sources authorized by manufacturers and benefit from a national and international warranty.
For aviation certified products, the Certificate of Compliance or Airworthiness such as the EASA Form-1 Athorised Released Certificate or FAA-8130-Airworthiness Approval Tag is also issued with the warranty certificate.

In the case of warranty certificates issued by the manufacturer / importer, the products benefit from warranty in their service networks, in the centers explicitly mentioned in the certificates; the defective product can be presented directly to the nearest service center provided in the certificate. This service unit will take full responsibility for resolving the warranty;
The conditions for granting warranty, in this case, may vary depending on the manufacturer and are established in their commercial policies, at national or international level.

PilotShop.ro is responsible for the legal warranty of conformity, as a seller according to the legal provisions. If the average duration of use of a product is less than 2 years, the warranty of conformity is reduced to that period. In the case of legal entities (they do not have the quality of Consumer), the warranty period is 12 months for durable products and between 0-12 months for the rest.

Durable products (those complex products, made of parts and subassemblies, designed and constructed for use during the average period of use and on which repairs or maintenance activities may be carried out) defective within the term of the legal warranty of conformity, when they cannot be repaired or when the cumulative duration of non-functioning due to deficiencies in the legal warranty period exceeds 10% of the duration of this period, at the consumer's request, they will be replaced by the seller or he will return the value of the product. The rights conferred on the basis of the commercial warranty are in accordance with the legal provisions. These legal rights are not affected by the commercial warranty offered.

The duration of the warranty period is extended by the time elapsed from the date on which the non-conformity was notified to the seller or the product was handed over to the person designated by him until the date of bringing the product in normal use, respectively the date of written notification for collection. the product or the actual delivery of the product to the consumer.

The operations performed by the service during the warranty period will be mentioned on separate documents; these documents become an integral part of the warranty certificate.

The maximum settlement term is 15 calendar days from the date on which the buyer handed over the product to the seller or to the person designated by him based on a handover document. After bringing the product to conformity, it can be picked up directly from the Service or Showroom or you can request its shipment by courier.

Repairs during the post warranty period can take between 10 - 90 days. The customer must give his agreement in writing, unequivocally, within 48 hours from the communication of the repair cost.

Compliance can be done by:

- troubleshooting / repairing the product;
- partial or complete replacement of the product;
- replacement with products with performances at least similar / equal to those of the product that cannot be repaired or replaced with the same model;
- return the value of the product in case the repair or replacement is not possible;

Customer responsibilities

The warranty conditions do not apply to problems or damage caused by the customer or in circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following:

- the product has been intervened, repaired and / or modified by unauthorized personnel;
- the serial number of the product (S/N - "serial number", IMEI, etc.), components or accessories have been modified, canceled or eliminated;
- warranty seals have been broken or replaced;
- the product has physical defects: blows, cracks, shards, rust or shows traces of use in inappropriate conditions: improper supply voltages, exposure to large variations in temperature and pressure, incorrect handling, incorrect settings and installations, viruses, software rewriting, penetration liquids, metals or other substances inside equipment, etc .;
- inability to use due to forgotten or lost passwords / security measures.


In accordance with the provisions of art. 2 pt. a of Law 449/2003 regarding the sale of products and their associated warranties, completed by Ordinance no. 9/2016 for the amendment and completion of Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and their associated warranties as well as art.2 point 2 of Ordinance 21/1992 on consumer protection, these specifications and conditions related to warranty apply only to consumers individuals or groups of individuals who buy, acquire, use or consume products outside their professional or commercial activity.

In the case of products sold and delivered by S.C. REGIONAL AIR SUPPORT S.R.L. through the PilotShop.ro store specialized in the sale of aviation products, the commercial warranty is offered through the warranty certificates that are either issued directly by the manufacturer, distributor or by PilotShop.ro.

The commercial warranty is any commitment assumed by the seller, the manufacturer or the distributor towards the Consumer, without requesting additional costs, to repair or replace the purchased product, if it does not meet the conditions set out in the warranty statements or related advertising, in accordance with the provisions of Law 449/2003, completed by Ordinance no. 9/2016.

The commercial warranty may be different for various batches of products depending on the existence or not of promotions.

The granting of the commercial warranty does not exclude the legal warranty of conformity.
This type of optional warranty is mandatory for "durable products", as defined by Government Ordinance 21/1992, on consumer protection, modified - the relatively complex product, consisting of parts and subassemblies, designed and built to be used for the average duration of use and on which repairs or maintenance activities can be performed. According to art. 20 of OG 21/1992, such products must be accompanied by the warranty certificate.

All the characteristics of this warranty (application situations, terms, assumed obligations) - are established by the one who grants it (manufacturer / distributor / or seller), and the warranty becomes obligatory as a contract between the parties.

A. The conditions for granting the commercial warranty

The commercial warranty is granted only with the presentation of the following:
• The customer must present the warranty certificate completed correctly, with the date of purchase, stamped and signed together with the invoice or fiscal receipt (in original or in copy).
• Detailed description of the product defect.
• Contact details: name, surname, telephone, email address, in order to be informed about the repair status.

The commercial warranty arises from the moment of purchasing the product.
The commercial warranty period is specified in the Warranty Certificate attached to the fiscal act.

The product benefits from the Warranty if:

1. The measures highlighted in the User Manual or in the Instructions for Use (assembly, operating environment, mode of use, time of use, handling, maintenance and cleaning) have been strictly followed.
2. The product has been kept in good condition, without mechanical defects caused (hit, scratched, broken, cracked, etc.).
3. The product identification labels (eg Part Number P/N, Serial Number S/N, etc.), the manufacturer's marks and seals show erasures, modifications, detachments or other traces of intervention.

Consumables and accessories are not covered by the warranty (according to the Warranty Certificate), they are purchased for a fee from the seller or directly from the manufacturer's authorized service center (according to the Warranty Certificate).

B. Exclusions - Loss of Warranty

The product does not benefit from the commercial warranty if the fiscal document of acquisition (fiscal receipt / fiscal invoice - in original or copy) and the Warranty Certificate - in original - are not presented.

The loss of the commercial guarantee can also be determined by:
- use for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer;
- improper operation;
- unauthorized assembly / disassembly;
- storage, handling, placement in inappropriate places (moisture, condensation, dust, fire, solar radiation, etc.);
- the use in the cleaning process of temperatures higher than those specified on the label or of some corrosive or impermissible substances;
- exceeding the use time or the specified weight;
- mechanical defects (deformation, scratches, perforations, rupture, etc.);
- external thermal damage (burning, melting, etc.);
- incorrect installation of batteries or accumulators;
- the penetration of liquids or other foreign bodies inside the product;
- performing unauthorized interventions on the device, regardless of their nature.
- any modification to the product for its improvement, without the written approval of the manufacturer or seller 

C. Product replacement

According to the new legislative regulations, the number of interventions, during the warranty period, performed on the product is no longer a reason for replacement.

Please note that each manufacturer of products sold by S.C. REGIONAL AIR SUPPORT S.R.L. through PilotShop.ro, can have its own rules for repair, maintenance or replacement of products, rules that the seller is obliged to comply with and are subject to its own return authorization policy (RMA), these being part of the return process of a product to receive a refund, replacement or repair during the product warranty period.

The way of fulfilling the warranty by PilotShop.ro will be explicitly specified on the Warranty Certificate.

Certain product categories may require the issuance of an official replacement document from an authorized service center of the manufacturer or importer. This document is issued following a technical expertise.

The replacement time will be established by mutual agreement between the seller and the consumer, without exceeding 15 calendar days from the receipt of the defective product by the seller. The replacement of the defective or non-compliant product will be made with an identical product, equivalent or with another product that has at least the same technical characteristics as the purchased product, at the customer's choice (paying the price difference if required). If the defective product cannot be replaced, the value of the product will be paid within a maximum of 15 working days.

To replace the defective product, the following are required:
- The defective product, completed with the original accessories purchased and with all the documents that accompanied it;
- Fiscal receipt or fiscal purchase invoice - in original or copy;
- Original Warranty Certificate.

D. Conditions for packaging the returned products within the insurance of the repair / replacement process under warranty

The products can be brought in person at the PilotShop showroom or can be sent by courier, at the Consumer's cost, in compliance with the following conditions:
• Products are shipped packaged so as to be protected against mechanical damage during transport, which may affect the condition of the product. It is recommended to pack in protective foil, cardboard box and other materials to protect the product as well as possible.
• The package must mention: RMA application number - if applicable, to the attention of the Service Department.
• The warranty certificate must be included in the package, with the correct identification data of the product, accompanied by a copy of the fiscal document.


It is granted based on the Warranty Certificate issued according to the terms and conditions of the Commercial Warranty, which must specify the identification elements of the product (Part Number P/N, Serial Number S/N and other / or identification codes), the warranty term, the average duration of use, the ways of ensuring the warranty - maintenance, repair, replacement and the term of their realization, the name and address of the seller or of the specialized service unit. In the case of Warranty Certificates issued by the manufacturer or importer in which the service units are explicitly specified, defective products may be sent or handed over by the customer to the service center indicated in the warranty certificate.


A. Legal warranty of conformity.

In accordance with Ordinance no. 9/2016 for the amendment and completion of Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and their associated warranties, the legal warranty of conformity is the legal protection of the consumer resulting from the effect of the law in relation to the lack of conformity, representing the legal obligation of the seller to the consumer to bring the product without additional costs to compliance, including refund of the price paid by the consumer, repair or replacement of the product, if it does not meet the conditions set forth in the warranty statements or related advertising.

Its main features are:

1. It is mandatory, and must be granted by the seller of a product to its consumer. The seller means any authorized individual or legal person who, within his activity, sells products under the conditions of a contract concluded with the consumer. The product means any good movable material whose final destination is the consumption or individual or collective use. Consumer means any natural person or group of individuals who buys, acquires, uses or consumes products outside the professional / commercial activity.

2. The warranty period is 2 years except for products whose average duration of use is less than 2 years. In this case, the duration of the warranty is equal to the average duration of use.

3. This warranty is independent of the legal warranty (technical, commercial) and is not subject to technical defects.

4. It applies only to non-conformity, ie if the products are, at the time of delivery to the consumer, in one or more of the following situations:

a). do not correspond to the description made by the manufacturer / seller and do not have the same qualities as the products that the seller presented to the consumer as a sample or model;
b). do not correspond to any specific purpose requested by the consumer, purpose made known to the seller and accepted by him at the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract;
c). do not correspond to the purposes for which products of the same type are normally used;
d). being of the same type, it does not present normal quality and performance parameters, which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and the public statements regarding its concrete characteristics, made by the seller, the manufacturer or his representative, in particular by advertising or by inscribing on the product label.

5. Non-compliance is not considered to exist if at the time of concluding the sale-purchase contract, the consumer knew or could not, reasonably, not know the lack of conformity or if the lack of conformity is caused by the materials provided by the consumer. For example. if the Consumer buys a product with a different part (P/N) than the one necessary for installation on an aircraft or if the product is NOT intended / certified for installation on a certain type of aircraft; or if the purchased product is not recommended / specified by the aircraft manufacturer in the aircraft user manual, it will be considered that there is no lack of conformity, as the responsibility for knowing the lack of conformity falls on the Consumer.

However, a non-compliance is considered to be the one resulting from the incorrect installation of the products if: (i) the installation was made by the seller or under his responsibility, as part of the contract for the sale of products; or (ii) if the installation was made by the consumer incorrectly due to deficiencies in the product installation instructions.

6. The seller's liability for the legal warranty of conformity is engaged if the lack of conformity occurs within 2 years, calculated from the delivery of the product, except for products whose average duration of use is less than 2 years, in which case the seller's liability will be equal to that of the average duration of use. For the used products, the parties may agree on a shorter term, but not less than one year. For the first 6 months, the presumption of non-compliance at the date of delivery applies; after the first 6 months, the consumer must prove that the lack of conformity existed at the time of delivery. The consumer must inform the seller about the lack of conformity within 2 months from its finding. The sanction of non-compliance with this obligation consists in the forfeiture of the consumer's right to be able to request the remedy of the lack of conformity.

7. The way of granting the legal warranty of conformity is to bring the product to conformity, without payment, by repair or replacement, depending on the consumer's option. The consumer can freely choose between repair and replacement, provided that the method chosen for compliance is not disproportionate or impossible. A remedial measure is considered disproportionate if it imposes unreasonable costs on the seller compared to the other remedial measure, according to the criteria in the law, and is considered impossible if the seller does not have an identical product for replacement. Alternatively, the consumer may request either the corresponding reduction of the price of the product or the termination of the sale-purchase contract, with the consequence of returning the product to the seller and the price paid to him by the consumer. The consumer may request one of these two measures (i) if he benefits neither from the repair nor from the replacement of the product; (ii) if the repair or replacement measure has not been completed within a reasonable time; or (iii) if the seller has not taken steps to repair or replace without significant inconvenience to the consumer. In no case, the consumer can request the reduction of the price or the termination of the contract if the lack of conformity is minor.

8. Any repair or replacement of the products will be made within a period of time, established by mutual agreement, in writing, between the seller and the consumer, taking into account the nature of the products and the purpose for which he requested the products. The established time period may not exceed 15 calendar days from the date on which the buyer handed over the product to the seller or to the person designated by him based on a handover document.

9. The time of non-functioning due to the lack of conformity appeared within the warranty term prolongs the term of legal warranty of conformity and that of the commercial warranty and runs from the moment of presenting the product to the seller / service unit until bringing the product in normal use and, respectively, of the written notification in order to pick up the product or to effectively deliver the product to the consumer.

10. Durable products that replace defective products within the warranty period will benefit from a new warranty period that runs from the date of exchange of the product.

11. The warranty term runs from the date of entry of the respective good in the possession of the consumer.

12. The legal warranty of conformity is not excluded by granting the technical or commercial legal warranty.


Clients requesting post-warranty services assume and undertake to comply with the terms and conditions provided for contracting these services, according to art. 1270 Civil Code on the binding force of contracts, as follows:

• the cost of transporting the products, from the customer to the service / showroom unit and from this to the customer, both if the customer accepts the repair estimate or if he refuses it, is borne by the customer;
• from the date on which the customer accepts the repair estimate, he undertakes to pay their equivalent value, to pick up the repaired product on time and to bear the cost of returning the product;
• if the customer is more than 12 days late in picking up / taking over the product after the date on which it was announced that the repaired / unrepaired product can be picked up, the customer will pay a storage fee of 5 lei / day, until the pickup date / effective takeover.
• if the customer is more than 30 days late in picking up / taking over the product (repaired or unrepaired) from the date it was announced that he can pick it up, the product is considered abandoned and automatically becomes the property of PilotShop.ro, or it can be handed over to the recycling companies, depending on the PilotShop.ro decision, without the client having any right to compensation or refund;
• the clients from the legal category of consumers do not have the right to withdraw from the contract after they have given their consent for the repairs, considering that after this moment the services will be executed immediately and in full.