This site is operated by Regional Air Suport S.r.l located in: Bucharest-Ploiesti highway no. 14-22, Sector1, Bucharest.

Regional Air Support is a private company founded in 1999 and is the first Romanian company that provides consulting, representation, additional services and business solutions for civil aviation.

With a wide range of services starting from airline representation (GSA), airline business consolidation, airport equipment dealer in the area aircraft brokerage, airport handling, charter operator, airspace procedures design, and IATA Authorised Training Center to complete travel industry solutions, Regional Air Support is the only Romanian company that is capable of delivering integrated and complementary services for civil aviation business.

Since the first year of its existence (1999), Regional Air Suport has become the first retailer in the field of aviation supplies business in Romania becoming an authorized dealer for one of the most prestigious aviation company in the world - Jeppesen - being able to offer complete solutions to airlines, military bases and pilot schools, starting from VFR and IFR charts, air navigation planning software, complete systems for pilots and training solutions for students and various accessories and tools for pilots.

From then until the present Regional Air Suport continued and will continue to diversify its range of products and services offered by representing only themost prestigious aviation manufacturers in the world.

Regional Air Suport through in represents the following companies in Romania: Jeppesen, David Clark, Garmin, Bose Aviation, Icom, Telex, Alpha Industries, ASA, Yaesu, Randolph Engineering, Red Box, Alpha Industries, Pooleys, Boeing Store and many more.

Regional Air Suport through is also a partner of the Ministry of National Defense and other government institutions providing for more than 20 years, the materials needed for various military bases. Regional Air Suport, by the Government Decision no. 445/2003 for the "rules of organization and performance encoding of procurement of defense articles", has been assigned the NATO code for economic agent NCAGE: 00EQL issued by the Ministry of Defense - Joint Logistic Command.



PilotShop was formed from the vision that a well done thing values more than 10 things done quickly and badly. And if you add seriousness, passion and perseverance you create a solid base on which any business should be built.
Our team is small but multi-functional and this allows us to understand every aspect of what we do, to be pro-active and to adapt to the needs of the aviation market in general but also to each client in particular. Aviation is a dynamic field in which passion is combined with seriousness and strictness and where there is no place for approximation. The services and products we offer comply with all quality and certification standards and come only from authorized manufacturers and distributors of aviation products, ensuring that we always have evidence of the traceability and conformity of any product we sell.

PilotShop supports the development of the general aviation community by understanding the real needs of the market and adapting to specific European and national regulations. In 2015, PilotsShop, with the support of AROPA, helped to address an urgent need of the community to have a VFR flight map and updated information for VFR flight, by launching the first edition of the updated VFR map of Romania and the first VFR Flight Guide containing the most up-to-date information on airspace, aerodromes and private airfields.

PilotShop also actively supports all aviation initiatives such as airshows and fly-ins and in general all activities that contribute to the popularization of general aviation in Romania and the development of an aviation culture based on passion, professionalism and mutual respect. We believe rather in a partnership instead of the strict seller-customer relationship and we believe that what we have been doing with seriousness and passion for so many years, is a small brick in what must be the basis for the development of general aviation in Romania.

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