tax%20free%20pilotshop.jpgTAX FREE is a service through which PilotShop customers who reside in a country outside EU can recover the VAT value included in the price of the products purchased from PilotShop store.

Customers who would like to benefit from this service must request "Refund document of value added tax for foreign shoppers" available at PilotShop store.

The document has to be completed in 2 originals: one original remains in the store and the other one will be handed to the customer, together with the original invoice, in order for him to obtain the custom office visa.

The TAX FREE service is available only for individuals living outside the EU.

Necessary documents for the tax refund refund :
a) Document of the value added tax in original, signed, dated and stamped by the custom office from where you leave the intra-community area
b) A copy of the invoice/fiscal receipt stamped by the custom office
c) A copy of customer ID, in order to prove the permanent residence

Tax refund conditions for buyers, individuals, which do not live in the European Union:

The transport of goods in the personal luggage of the buyers which are not established in the European Union are exempted from VAT based on art. 294, paragraph 1, section b) from the Fiscal Code, if the following the conditions are respected:
a) the buyer is not established in the European Union, respectively his address or permanent residence is not in the interior of the European Union The address or permanent residence means the place specified in the Passport, ID card or any other document acknowledged as an identification document by the Ministry of Internal Affairs
b) the goods will be shipped outside of the European Union before the end of the third month which follows the month when the shipping will take place
c) the total value of the shipment, plus the VAT is bigger than 871 lei or 175 euros, sum which is set up yearly, based on the exchange rate obtained in the first working day of October and available starting with January 1st the next year
d) the goods are bought from the network of retail stores authorized to sell merchandise which offer buyers that are not established in the European Union, the right to request the retrieval of the VAT tax
e) the proof of export will be done by invoice bearing the customs stamp when leaving the European Union

The refund of the VAT tax for buyers that are not established in the European Union is taken care of by the authorized store where the goods haven been sold directly to the buyers. The stores can only refund the VAT tax for the goods acquired in their own selling unit.