French Aircraft in Romania - Bloch M.B. 210

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ILLUSTRAТED HISTORY OF ROMANIAN AERONAUTICS [ISTORIA ILUSTRATA А AERONAUTICII ROMANE] is а project that aims to particularly highlight the aircraft that were used Ьу Romanian military and civilian aeronautics, without ignoring the heroes flying these plaпes and all the aeronautic personnel. We conceived this series as an album in l'lhich the photos tell mоге than the text, as а personal journal for every type of aircraft that wоге Romanian markings. We did not wish to get into too much technical detail or histori­cal detail about the squadrons or various institutions that they operated in. Wherever we could we pinpointed а minimum of information necessary for understanding the context framing each plane. We hope that this series will inspire other similar works that 1vill complete the history of Romanian aviation. lf you v1ish to join us in this effort, we l'lill do our best to reach 100 volumes. Enjoy your reading.

By: Horia Stoica; Dan Antoniu; Vasile Radu

Bilingual Edition
95 pages


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French Aircraft in Romania - Bloch M.B. 210

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