Ochelari de soare Bigatmo Meso - Gunmetal - HCNB S14 Grey (Zeolite) ML Blue

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Meso balances a squarer frame with subtle curves.

The Zeolite High Contrast Narrow Band lenses use advanced Light Management Technology to make colours come alive, boosting image sharpness and clarity.

The frame colour is gunmetal, and the lenses are finished with an iridescent blue mirror.

The frames are made from titanium, a strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal. Beta titanium is used for the arms and it’s springy properties apply just enough pressure to keep the frames securely in place.

The nose pads are fully adjustable for a customised personal fit, and the ear tips grip without pulling hair.

Size: 60-15-123
Sun Lens Category: EN Category: 3

Lens Description:
Advanced Zeolite S14 High Contrast Narrow Band (HCNB) grey lenses which have been developed using advance Light Management Technology to make colours come alive. HCNB technology allows your eyes to receive more specific colour information which increases the sharpness and clarity of an image whilst reducing eye fatigue.

Pilots will testify that Bigatmo sunglasses with Zeolite (grey) S14 HCNB lenses:

  • Allow you to read instrumentation in high-contrast environments
  • Help your eyes remain relaxed and reduce eye fatigue
  • Deliver true colour perception and landmark clarity
  • Remain comfortable for many hours whilst wearing a headset/headgear

How do the Bigatmo Zeolite (grey) S14 High Contrast Narrow Band lenses work? Bigatmo Zeolite (grey) HCNB lenses are superb for high contrast environments, such as flying and driving. Our eyes detect colour using ‘cones’ on the retina. HCNB technology filters out the wavelengths between the three primary colours and so optimise the wavelengths that enter the eye. Our eyes are most sensitive to wavelengths in the green spectrum, and wavelengths in the blue range cause visual clutter, loss of contrast and eye fatigue. HCNB technology manages the light as it passes through the lens allowing your eyes to remain relaxed.

Bigatmo Zeolite (grey) S14 High Contrast Narrow Band lens technology:

  • HCNB Light Management technology makes colours come alive
  • Reduces visual clutter by filtering out the wavelengths between primary colours
  • Optimises the wavelengths that enter the eye reducing eye fatigue
  • Increases sharpness and clarity of an image
  • Perform superbly well in flight deck conditions
  • Lens material composed of NXT, a lightweight and virtually unbreakable optical polymer
  • Industry leading anti-reflective, anti-scratch and omniphobic ‘easy-to-clean’ coatings
  • 100% harmful UV light blocked

Mirror Finish
These lenses have a multi-layer blue mirror finish. Our highly advance mirror finish ensures the lens properties remain unchanged. The mirror finish is purely for cosmetic purposes.

Frame Description:

  • Strong, pure titanium fronts with beta titanium arms for comfort
  • Remain comfortable under a headset even after many hours
  • Benefit from super slim adjustable temples that stay securely & comfortably in place
  • Ultra-lightweight at just 20g – including lenses
  • Adjustable soft silicone nose pads
  • Corrosion resistant and hypo-allergenic
  • Individually hand polished to give every frame a unique, beautiful natural finish

The accessories that come with these sunglasses include:

  • Crush-resistant, zip-up glasses case
  • Microfibre polishing bag
  • Additional non-slip nosepads
  • Warranty, care and fitting instructions

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Ochelari de soare Bigatmo Meso - Gunmetal - HCNB S14 Grey (Zeolite) ML Blue

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