Bujii Rotax 297656 cu EASA Form 1

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Comes with EASA Form 1

Introduction of NEW Rotax Spark Plug

As some may be aware, Rotax has recently introduced new Service Instruction (SI-912-i-013, SI-912-027, SI-914-028) that corelates to each of the 9 series engines. In the end of this I will also mention the use of these in the new 2-stroke 582 head that has yet to hit the market.

Under this Instruction you will find that Rotax is introducing two new items.

So many are asking WHY? Why would Rotax take something that has worked so well for some time and change it? First we need to understand the reasoning. From the information that is available, the direct reason seems to be liability on the part of NGK. The instruction also states Continuous Development and Standardization.

Also keep in mind that this is a Service Instruction for all engines currently in the field and is NOT mandatory, only recommended. Going forward, all NEW production engines will have these plugs and connectors installed from the factory. One down fall is the expense, these plugs are far more expensive and will need to replaced at the proper intervals to keep your factory warranties valid.

Physical Comparison



  • New plug does not require electrode gapping. They only need to be verified with a wire feeler gage.
  • New plug interval operating hours are now verify at 100 and replace at 200 depending on operating fuel.
  • Designed to have one heat range for all engines.
  • Anyone with a Rotax Service Rating or higher iRMT rating is allowed to perform the change.


It IS allowed to use 8 old spark plugs with 8 new caps.
It IS allowed to use 8 new spark plugs with 8 old caps.
It is NOT allowed to use 1 old spark plug with 7 new spark plugs (and all other combinations of mixture old and new spark plugs).
It is NOT allowed to use 1 old cap with 7 new caps (and all other combinations of mixture old and new caps).

As mentioned in the Service Instruction, you must upgrade all 8 plugs or all 8 caps at the same time, if you are going to upgrade at all. The new style plugs cannot be mixed with the old plugs and the new style caps cannot be mixed with the old caps.

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Bujii Rotax 297656 cu EASA Form 1

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