Oxford Aviation Academy CBT - ATPL DC Electrics

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This interactive training course teaches the subject of Direct Current or DC Electrical theory and its associated systems and components up to the standard required by the EASA Air Transport Pilot’s Licence syllabus. The course has been developed by aviation specialists and multimedia designers at Oxford Aviation Academy, one of the world’s leading professional flying training schools.

Though the course is meant primarily for student professional pilots, it will also be valuable to student aircraft engineers as a high quality introduction to DC. We hope, too, that General Aviation pilots who wish to expand their knowledge will find much to interest them here. Qualified airline transport pilots might also find much to interest them, in terms of both fulfilling recurrent training requirements and improving their knowledge of DC.

In order to assist students in their preparation for the ATPL examinations, this course includes 190 EASA ATPL-style questions and answers.


  •     Generators & Alternators
  •     Aircraft DC Electrical Power System
  •     DC Motors
  •     Bonding & Screening
  •     Magnetism
  •     Batteries
  •     Capacitance
  •     Circuit Protection
  •     Switches
  •     Basic Principles

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Product Version Download File to Replace
DC Electrics - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL DC Electrics\system\DC-menu.exe
  •     Multimedia Ground & Flight Training
  •     Covers the JAA/EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge syllabus
  •     Contains over 190 ATPL examination-style questions and answers
  •     Your personal instructor on CD-ROM

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Oxford Aviation Academy CBT - ATPL DC Electrics

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