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A-B-E-D. Not quite the right order, but – following the 9V-SKA, the 9V-SKB and the 9V-SKE – it gives us great pride nonetheless to now also unveil the 9V-SKD! The next former Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 to now be joining our Aviationtag fleet.

26.04.2008 was the day the Airbus A380-841 with manufacturer serial number (MSN) 8 was delivered to Singapore Airlines, where it was given the registration 9V-SKD. The A380 often flew on routes to Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo – but could also be spotted in Frankfurt and London.

After less than 10 years, though, in December 2017, the MSN 8 already took its last scheduled flight and was retired by Singapore Airlines – at a list price of up to 450 million US dollars no less. In 2018, it was still parked in France, where its lessor gave it the temporary registration 9H-DPD. In 2022, the A380 was then scrapped and we were able to get our hands on some parts, upcycling them into our latest Aviationtag Edition.

From the top 10 “oldest” A380 models, the MSN 3, the MSN 5, the MSN 10 have already featured in Aviationtag editions and now the MSN 8 is joining them. What a collection.

Weight: 0,021 kg
Manufacturer: Airbus
Aircraft Type: A380
Registration: 9V-SKD
Operator: Singapore Airlines
Dimensions: 35 x 88 mm
Material: Upcycled aircraft skin
Product Color: White
HS-Code: 7616.99.90
GTIN: 4260411671824

Note: Every tag is unique. Depending on the plane, tags may vary in terms of haptics, material thickness and colour. Small blemishes bear witness to the plane’s long history and are an authentic reminder of its glory days over the clouds. Small scratches, flaky paint and imperfections are totally normal and give our Aviationtags their unique charm – the charm of a vintage product crafted from upcycled materials. These quirks are not the result of the production process, they simply reflect the state of the aircraft material we use when it was extracted. The original aircraft paint of this edition is rather sensitive, so please take good care of your tag!

Airbus A380: The Airbus A380 is a four-engine wide-bodied aircraft with two full-length passenger decks. At a capacity of up to 853 passengers, the low-wing aircraft is the largest ever mass-produced aircraft in history. It has a maximum range of 16,300 km and a cruising speed of some 940 km/h. The maximum take-off weight of this super jumbo is about 590 tons!

In 2021 Airbus discontinued production and the last A380 was delivered to Emirates. Check our Blog for more about the A380.

Foto No. 3 is (c) by Eurospot on Flickr.

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Aviationtag Airbus A380 - 9V-SKD

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