Airbus Pilots T-Shirt

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This orange Airbus Pilots T-Shirt is made with best quality tricot, type 64 000, smooth, breezy and super comfortable to wear. Stamp - high quality, robust to multiple machine washes. On the T-Shirt stands "Airbus pilots Have Nothing Between Their Legs..."

It's an all-around go-anywhere T-Shirt. The avio shop ROLL FLICK match all different social environments with a confident, humorous or even provocative aftertaste.

Did you know that the first real challenge to Boeing's supremacy in the jet airliner market arrived with the formal creation of Airbus Industrie in the December 1970. This collaboration of the European manufacturers Hawker Siddeley, Aerospatiale, Deutsche Airbus Fokker VFW, and CASA was backed by the French, German, Netherlands and Spanish governments.


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Airbus Pilots T-Shirt

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