Oxford Aviation Academy PPL CBT - Flight Performance & Planning

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As a pilot, you must have a clear perspective on your aircraft's capabilities. It is essential for you to know, for instance, how well, or how badly, your aircraft performs in the various phases of flight. How much runway will you use for take-off and landing, how well will the aircraft climb, how far it can fly, how long can it remain airborne? These are questions you need to know the answer to for every aircraft you fly. You will find the answers to these questions through your study of the theoretical knowledge subject 'Aircraft Performance'. Fully appreciating your aircraft's performance and what controls that performance is vital for safe and efficient flying operations.

A companion subject to 'Aircraft Performance' is 'Mass & Balance'. Whatever the phase of flight, it is vitally important that the location of the aircraft's centre of gravity always remains within the limits specified by the design of the aircraft. If the centre of gravity falls outside these limits, the aircraft's flying characteristics will be adversely affected and the aircraft may ultimately become uncontrollable. Pilots need to understand thoroughly the role played by the position of the centre of gravity. The 'Mass & Balance' section of this CD-ROM covers all the necessary knowledge and principles to enable you, the pilot, and the aircraft captain, to check that your aircraft is correctly loaded and balanced for safe and efficient operations.

As a pilot, you must at all times be aware of what forces are acting on your aircraft, both on the ground and in the air. These forces are generated by a combination of the static loads carried by your aircraft and the dynamic loads generated when your aircraft is accelerating, whether in a straight line, in turning flight or when recovering from a dive or aerobatic maneuvre.


  •     Airframe Limitations
  •     Mass & Balance
  •     Take-off
  •     Climb
  •     En-route Performance
  •     Landing


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Oxford Aviation Academy PPL CBT - Flight Performance & Planning

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