TTS Module 13 - Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems for EASA Part 66 for B2

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Total Training Support's Integrated Training System. We are sure you will need no other reference material to pass your EASA Part-66 exam in this Module.

These notes have been written by instructors of EASA Part-66 courses, specifically for practitioners of varying experience within the aircraft maintenance industry, and especially those who are self-studying to pass the EASA Part-66 exams.

They are specifically designed to meet the EASA Part-66 syllabus and to answer the questions being asked by the UK CAA in their examinations.

The EASA Part-66 syllabus for each sub-section is printed at the beginning of each of the chapters in these course notes and is used as the “Learning Objectives”.

We suggest that you take each chapter in-turn, read the text of the chapter a couple of times, if only to familiarise yourself with the location of the information contained within. Then, using your membership, attempt the questions within the respective sub-section, and continually refer back to these notes to read-up on the underpinning knowledge required to answer the respective question, and any similar question that you may encounter on your real Part-66 examination. Studying this way, with the help of the question practice and their explanations, you will be able to master the subject piece-by-piece, and become proficient in the subject matter, as well as proficient in answering the CAA style EASA part-66 multiple choice questions.

The course notes are written to suit Licence category 'B2'.



13.6. Equipment and Furnishings (ATA 25)

Electronic Emergency Equipment Requirements

  • Introduction
  • Megaphone
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
  • Emergency Evacuation Signal System (EESS)

Cabin Entertainment Equipment

  • Passenger Address
  • Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS)
  • In Flight Entertainment (IFE)
  • Passenger Service System

13.7. Flight Controls (ATA 27)

13.7 (a)

  • Control System Overview
  • Primary controls: aileron, elevator, rudder, spoiler
  • Trim Control
  • Pitch Trimming
  • Versine Signal
  • Active Load Control
  • High Lift Devices
  • Lift Dump and Speed Brakes
  • Torque Limiting
  • Artificial Feel and Centring
  • Flutter Damping
  • Yaw Damper
  • Mach Trim
  • Rudder Limiter
  • Gust Locks
  • Stall Protection Systems

13.7 (b) - Fly By Wire

  • Basic Principle
  • Control Surfaces
  • Cockpit Controls
  • Computers
  • Pitch Control
  • Roll Control
  • Speedbrakes and Ground Spoilers
  • Protections

13.8. Instrument Systems (ATA 31)

Aircraft Indicating Systems - General

  • Variable Resistance Systems
  • Synchros
  • Direct Torque Systems
  • Servo Systems
  • Resolvers
  • Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDTs)
  • Rotary Variable Differential Transducers (RVDTs)
  • Servo Loops

Pressure Measuring Instruments

  • Absolute Pressure Instruments
  • Gauge Pressure Instruments
  • Differential Pressure Instruments
  • Strain Gauges
  • Piezo-Resistive Sensors
  • Variable Frequency Signal

Temperature Measurement

  • Non-Electrical Temperature Measurements
  • Temperature Dependant Resistors

Quantity Indication System

  • DC Electrical Indicators
  • Digital Fuel Quantity Indicating System

Stall Warning and Angle of Attack Systems

  • Stall Warning Systems
  • Angle of Attach Indicators

Pilot-Static Systems

  • International Standard Atmosphere (ISA)
  • Light Aircraft System
  • Large Aircraft System
  • Air Data Sensors
  • Air Data Module


  • Principle of Operation
  • Drum-Type Altimeters
  • Pressure Altitude
  • Density Altitude
  • The Sensitive Altimeter
  • Types of Altitude Measurement
  • Altimeter Indicators
  • Altimeter Errors
  • Blockages and Leakages
  • Servo Altimeters
  • Encoding Altimeters
  • Altimeter Tests

Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)

  • Principle of Operation
  • VSI Errors
  • VSI Faults
  • Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator (IVSI)

Airspeed Indicator (ASI)

  • Principle of Operation
  • Airspeeds
  • True Airspeed (TAS) Indicators
  • ASI Errors
  • ASI Faults


  • Total Air Temperature
  • Static Air Temperature

Mach Speed

  • Altitude versus IAS/Mach
  • Overspeed Warning
  • Mach Meter
  • Combination Airspeed Indicator
  • Mach meter Construction and Operation
  • Mach Meter Errors
  • Mach Meter Blockages and Leakages
  • Mach Meter Accuracy

Air Data Computer

  • General
  • Examples of Airdata Systems

Gyroscopic Instruments

  • Rigidity
  • Precession
  • Types of Gyro
  • Vertical Gyro
  • Attitude Indicator
  • Erection of the Vertical Gyros
  • Remote Artificial Horizon Indicator
  • Directional Gyro
  • Slaving of Directional Gyro
  • Gyro Wander
  • Rate Gyro
  • Turn and Slip Indication
  • Turn Coordinator Indicator
  • Gyro Instrument Power Systems

Magnetic Compasses

  • Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Aeroplane Magnetism
  • Deviation and its Compensation
  • Regulation (EASA) Limits
  • Compass Swinging
  • Deviation Compensation Devices
  • Summary of Deviation and Variation
  • Direct Reading (Standby) Magnetic Compass
  • Direct Reading Compass Errors
  • Turning Errors
  • Other Errors
  • Flux Valve
  • Slaved Gyro Compass
  • Compass Systems
  • Remote Compensator

Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS)

  • Component
  • Display Presentations
  • Failure Annunciation
  • Data Source Selection
  • Display of Air Data


  • Introduction
  • ECAM

Vibration Measurement and Indication

Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS)

  • Warnings
  • Windshear Alerting
  • EGPWS Terrain Alerting and Display
  • Terrain Clearance Floor (TCF)
  • Terrain Database
  • Obstacle Database
  • System Block Diagram

Central Warning Systems (CWS)

Glossary of Terms

13.9. Lights (ATA 33)

  • Units of Light Intensity

External Lighting

  • Overview of External Lights
  • Requiremets
  • Landing Lights
  • Runway Turn-Off Lights
  • Wing Scanning Lights
  • Taxi Lights
  • Wing Lights
  • Logo Lights
  • Wheel Well Lights
  • Position (Navigation) Lights
  • Anti-Collision Light

Internal Lighting

  • Incandescent Lights
  • Electro Luminescent Light
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Flightdeck Lighting
  • Cabin Lighting
  • Cargo Compartments Lights
  • Wheel Well Lights

Emergency Lighting

  • Electro Luminescence (EL)
  • Self Illuminating Signs
  • Emergency Lights Control
  • Power Supplies for emergency lights
  • Regulations for Emergency Lights
  • Floor Proximity Escape Path Lighting
  • Helicopter Ditching
  • Emergency Exit Lighting Activation
  • Emergency Lighting System Characteristics
  • Escape Window Lighting

13.10. On board Maintenance Systems (ATA 45)

Central Maintenance System (CMS)

  • Acquisition
  • Consolidation
  • Retrieval
  • Analysis

Built In Test Equipment (BITE) Philosopy

  • General
  • Built In Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Fault Detection
  • Isolation
  • Memorization
  • Concept
  • Test
  • Architecture
  • Centralized Fault Display Interface Unit (CFDIU)

Aircraft Condition Monitoring System (ACMS)

  • General
  • Architecture

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Data Loading Systems

  • General
  • Downloading
  • Components
  • Abnormal Operation

Electronic Library System (ELS)

  • General
  • System

Airborne Printer

  • General
  • Paper
  • Controls
  • Printer
  • Paper Loading
  • Dot Matrix Printing Technology
  • Interface

Structure Monitoring

  • General
  • Damage Tolerance Monitoring


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TTS Module 13 - Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems for EASA Part 66 for B2

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