Oxford Aviation Academy CBT - IFR RT Communications

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This IFR RT Computer Based Training (CBT) CD-ROM from OATmedia is a follow-on from the ICAO/JAA version of OATmedia's VFR RT CBT tutor. It is intended for pilots who have completed VFR RT training and who now wish to expan their knowledge and skills to IFR situations.

The CBT complies with ICAO IFR RT procedures. Its main purpose is to provide pilots preparing for an Instrument Rating test with practical instruction in IFR RT skills. The CBT also covers the IFR elements of the JAA Communications Syllabus and therefore, will also provide excellent preparation for the JAA ground examinations in IFR RT Communications.

The CBT contains many examples of IFR RT used in both uncontrolled and controlled airspace. The CBT clearly gives students a pilot's-eye view of the air situation as well as a plan view, showing the aircraft's position in relation to airspace boundaries, airfield zones and runways. The graphics, together with the audio sequences, give the student a complete picture of the air-traffic situation.

At the end of the IFR RT lessons, there is a Flight Scenario based on an Instrument Rating test profile and an interactive multiple choice exam, similar to the JAA IFR RT written examination.

Qualified IR pilots who wish to perfect their English Language IFR RT skills will also find this CBT to be of value. Text boxes contain the wording of all RT transmissions and a record/playback facility is available in every lesson.


  •     Aerodrome Control - Aircraft
  •     Approach Control
  •     IFR Departures & Arrivals
  •     Radar Vectors to Final Approach
  •     Instrument Landing RT
  •     Area Control
  •     Position & Level Information
  •     Airways RT
  •     Holding En-route
  •     ACAS/TCAS
  •     Miscellaneous Flight Handling
  •     Instrument Rating Test Scenario
  •     JAA style Test Questions


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Oxford Aviation Academy CBT - IFR RT Communications

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