Bose A20 Low Impedance Cable

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Bose A20 Low Impedance replacement cable.

Comes in a variety of connectors (please choose the right one for you) which will give you flexible power options (batteries or panel-mount).
Flexible power circuitry with auto-on allows the headset to turn on automatically when your avionics panel is turned on, and switch seamlessly from battery power to aircraft power without compromising headset performance. Two AA alkaline batteries also can be used with the optional dual plug adapter if the headset is being used in aircraft that require dual GA plugs. It comes with a customisable audio interface. In addition, it includes a wired audio input and audio prioritisation controls to customise the pilot’s or passengers’ experience. Can be mounted to the left or right earcup.

  • Customisable audio interface
  • Portable design enables use in multiple aircraft
  • Flexible Power options (panel-mount or batteries)
  • Audio prioritisation controls
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Straight, short or coiled cable
  • Can be mounted to the left or right earcup.


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Bose A20 Low Impedance Cable

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