B-25 Mitchell Betty's Dream Diecast Model - 1:155 Scale

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This Die-cast metal airplane model comes in 1:100 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 6 1/4 inches long with 8 inch wingspan.The B-25 Mitchell is a medium bomber named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a United States Army general who is widely regarded as the father of the US Air Force. The B-25 is a two-engine propeller driven aircraft with an H-tail configuration and is considered to be a safe and reliable aircraft. It was used extensively during World War II by the Allies, especially on the Pacific Front.

Panchito was assigned to Captain Don Sailer of the 396th Bomb Group in the Central Pacific. He named it after the feisty Mexican rooster from the 1943 animated musical "Three Caballeros". It was restored to vintage flying conditions in 1986. It is available for rides at various airshows across the country and is based out of the Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation in Georgetown, DE.

The North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell was a twin-engine propeller-driven medium bomber named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a U.S. Army general who was a pioneer of military aviation and widely regarded as the father of today's U.S. Air Force. The B-25 Mitchell saw action in every theater of World War II and served for more than 40 years. Betty's Dream was a B-25J, a popular version that included additional armaments, a modified nose, and heavier fuselage panels. The airplane became famous when it escorted two Japanese Mitsubishi "Betty" bombers carrying Japanese peace envoys to Ie Shima in 1945. This highly detailed 1:155-scale diecast metal model of Betty's Dream comes prebuilt and features accurate markings. Plastic stand is included. Recommended for ages 14 and up. Model measures about 16.51 cm L with 20.32 cm wingspan. Weighs 10 oz.


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B-25 Mitchell Betty's Dream Diecast Model - 1:155 Scale

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