Telex PEV-77 Pilot Listen-Only Earset
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Telex PEV-77 Pilot Listen-Only Earset

Telex PEV-77 Pilot Listen-Only Earset
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Preţ: 225,00 RON  TVA inclus.
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Model | P/N: 61563-020
Producător: TELEX
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General Description

The PEV-77 is a complete pilot earset approved for use under Federal Aviation Agency TSO-C57a. The earset consists of a receiver, detachable cord unit, clothing clip, eartip and earloop. The earloop clips onto the eartip which is then snapped onto the receiver. The earloop is reversible for wearing on either the right or left ear.

When used as supplied, the PEV-77 offers excellent intelligibility of radio communications without restricting normal cockpit sounds, such as voice communication with crew members. As an option, it may be used with a detachable earmold to block environmental sounds if desired. When used with the optional earmold, the eartip and earloop are not required and are removed from the receiver. Optional earmolds are available from Telex in small, medium and large sizes for right and left ears. Custom-fitted earmolds are available from most hearing aid dealers.

Design Features

The PEV-77 receiver has a volume control on the earset, and the sound level can be adjusted at either the receiver or the aircraft radio. A coil cord unit is used on the PEV-77 and has a molded PJ-055 plug.

Volume Adjustment

Due to the high sensitivity of the receiver, care must be exercised in connecting the PEV-77 to radio equipment to prevent excessive sound from reaching the wearer. The radio volume control should be advanced to a comfortable listening level. Volume for the PEV-77 can then be adjusted at either the receiver or at the radio volume control.


Receiver: Magnetic, miniature monopole
Frequency Response: 350-3000 Hz
Sensitivity: 111 dB ±5 SPL/mW at 1000 Hz
Impedance (Nominal): 500 ohms
Cord: 6 ft (1.8 m) coiled cord
Plug Type: Molded PJ-055 equivalent
Weight: Less than 2 ounces (57 grams) complete

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Telex PEV-77 Pilot Listen-Only Earset
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