Skydive, Sport Parachuting Explained - Donaldson
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Skydive, Sport Parachuting Explained - Donaldson

Skydive, Sport Parachuting Explained - Donaldson
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Ever since the days of the pioneers, skydiving and parachuting have been viewed with suspicion by a public and press who would have us believe that only some kind of superhuman being can survive each time they dive through thee door of an aircraft. Skydive sets out to debunk the myths surrounding the sport and explains the skills required for training and progression.
Illustrated throughout with both photos and line art, this book is for everyone who has ever wondered how it feels to jump from an aeroplane many thousands of feet above the ground, and who wants to get involved in this most exciting and stimulating of airsports. With chapters on advanced disciplines, it also offers something more for the experienced jumper.

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