Douglas DC-3 - “Candybomber” - D-CXXX
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Douglas DC-3 - “Candybomber” - D-CXXX

Douglas DC-3 - “Candybomber” - D-CXXX
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Preţ: 250,00 RON  TVA inclus.
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Model | P/N: DCXXX01
Producător: Aviationtag
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Our limited-edition DC 3 Series is crafted from the left wing of the historic C-47B-30-DK – better known as the “candy bomber”. On its mission during the Berlin Airlift in 1948/49 the candy bomber ensured the survival of many Berlin citizens. Afterwards it travelled half the world – from France to Indonesia – before returning to Germany, where it made its very last flight together with the historic Ju52 on October 30, 2008 at five to midnight from the world’s longest serving airport – Berlin Tempelhof –  thus ending the era of the “mother of all airports”.

For every DC-3 Aviationtag sold we will donate part of the price to the charity “Friends of the Candy Bomber Association”.

Note: Every tag is unique. Depending on the plane, tags may vary in terms of haptics, material thickness and colour. Small blemishes bear witness to the plane’s long history and are an authentic reminder of its glory days over the clouds.

The DC-3 is an all-metal aircraft without a pressure cabin and has a maximum take-off weight of 11,890 kg, a maximum payload of 3,000 kg and a fuel capacity of 3,000 l. The low-wing aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney R1830-90 double-row radial engines with 14 cylinders each. The DC-3 flies at speeds of up to 346 km/h, altitudes of up to 6,680 m and its maximum range is 800 km at full load.

Weight: 0.021 kg
Manufacturer: Mc Donnell Douglas
Registration: D-CXXX
Dimensions: 35 x 88 mm
Material: Recycled aircraft skin

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Douglas DC-3 - “Candybomber” - D-CXXX
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Douglas DC-3 - “Candybomber” - D-CXXX
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