Aero-Sense Hygienic Hand Gel 300ml
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Aero-Sense Hygienic Hand Gel 300ml

Aero-Sense Hygienic Hand Gel 300ml
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Model | P/N: 2700
Producător: Aero-Sense
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Hygienic Hand Gel is an alcohol based (78%) hand hygiene gel that has been dermatologically tested for cleaning of healthy skin. As recommended by the World Health Organisation, regularly and thoroughly washing your hands or cleansing them with an alcohol-based hand rub is the best way to keep the spread of the novel coronavirus to a minimum.

  •     78% alcohol
  •     Dermatologically tested
  •     No rinsing required

Available in: 300 ml PET bottle with flip-top cap

Application: Apply enough product onto your hands to completely cover them, then spread it around and rub it in for 30 seconds, until it has completely evaporated. Do not rinse. For cleaning and hygiene of a healthy skin only. Do not use on irritated skin or open wounds.
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